Our Products

Solar Module Specification



Solar Water Pumps

Neosol solar water Pumps comprises of an evacuated tube solar collector and storage water


Solar Solar Lantern

Neosol solar powered lantern has found good acceptance in the market, specially in the region



Street Lights

Solar street light system is an ideal application for campus and village street lighting.



EPC Services

  • Feasibility Study

    The first and the most important step to estimate the availability of space, identify any potential shading and obstruction issues, and knowing the approximate amount of energy that could be generated from the site.


    We are committed to optimize the designs which helps maximize project value and our team of expert engineers ensure that the projects deliver maximum financial results, maximize electricity yield and reduce LCOE.


    Financial Models developed by us is essential to maximize the benefits of solar energy and help the investors and interested businesses by understand the financials risks and returns of the opportunity.


    Going solar can dramatically reduce operating costs and exposure to future rate hikes. But Procurement of a right solar solution involves right set of specifications and criteria for proper evaluation of vendor bids.

Chairman’s Message


Mr.Pawan Agarwal
Chairman, Neosol Group

Whenever I look at the Sun, it drives within me a force, fills me with unmatched power and gives me a sense of unlimited high energy. The Sun has been an integral part of our lives; even after child birth there is a ritual to worship Sun, signifying brightness; the Sun shine gives life to the nature …to us!!!

Director Message


Mr.Arpit Aggarwal
Director, Neosol Group

When we sold our first solar Module 6 years ago I knew this business was going to be different. Not only were the challenges unique but there was something else, something that I hadn’t considered
We are not just installing energy saving products we are also helping build India’s energy future.

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    190 kW On-Grid Power Plant, Narnaul, Haryana

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    100 kW Solar On-Grid Power Plant, Satnali, Haryana

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  • Dhani-mahu

    100 kW Solar On-Grid Power Plant, Dhani Mahu, Haryana

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  • Dhani-mahu

    100 kW Solar On-Grid Power Plant, Dhani Mahu, Haryana

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  • Hansi

    100 kW Solar On-Grid Power Plant, Hansi, Haryana

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  • Gurgaon

    80 kW Solar On-Grid Power Plant, Gurgaon ,Haryana

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