Feasibility Study

Determination of the true solar potential of the facility is the first and the most important step. At the initial stage solar mapping tools are used to estimate the availability of space, identify any potential shading and obstruction issues, and knowing the approximate amount of energy that could be generated from the site. Neosol solar’s feasibility assessment extends the scope of this initial evaluation for determining the suitability for Solar PV to providing actionable  recommendations and propose site-specific solutions that maximize long-term value.

Scope of Services

  • Thorough on-site solar site survey.
  • Identification of site-specific system and technical risks and opportunities.
  • Analysis of Shading.
  • Analysis of radiation data, environmental factors, roof material and roof life for Rooftop systems.
  • Detailed economic and sustainability analysis of the project. 
  • Providing Unbiased, expert guidance on all aspects of the solar project.
Scope of Services
Scope of Services


Matching advanced technology with optimal financial modeling is essential to maximize the benefits of solar energy. Neosol Solar ensures that its customers receive maximum return from solar energy. Based on extensive work in this space, we have developed a Financial Model for grid connected and Stand-alone Solar Power Projects which help the investors and interested businesses by understand the financials risks and returns of the opportunity. Sensitivity analysis is carried out to determine how variations in the inputs impact the financial feasibility of installing and operating a Solar Power Project.

Scope of Services

  • Comparison of various system configurations that can be selected.
  • Financial models depicting the benefits of the system chosen
  • Financial Models showing the returns over the life of the project, ROI & IRR etc.
  • We can facilitate and assist in Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) & Renewable Energy Certificates (REC)
  • We can also support in Power Purchase Agreements(PPA)
Scope of Services
Scope of Services


Neosol solar is committed to optimize the designs which helps maximize project value. We have a team of expert engineers and they ensure that the projects deliver maximum financial results. As all projects are different, So, We design projects to maximize electricity yield and reduce LCOE. We consistently follow design guidelines and standards that ensure maximized system safety, reliability, and economy of investment.

Scope of Services

  • Detailed proposal evaluations across technology, capabilities and economics.
  • System Design & Engineering is performed based on the requirements of the clients.
  • Low cost, high – efficiency solar solution architecture is developed to achieve high yield and system performance.
  • Components are selected from some of the top manufacturers around the globe.
Scope of Services
Scope of Services

Project Realization

On account of increasing cost cutting pressures and meeting emerging emissions reductions targets, public Units, Corporates, and higher education institutions are focusing on sustainability. Going solar can dramatically reduce operating costs and exposure to future rate hikes. But Procurement of a right solar solution involves right set of specifications and criteria for proper evaluation of vendor bids. Neosol solar’s supply chain network and procurement procedures command strong purchasing power and ensure the timely delivery of solar panels.

Scope of Services

  • World class Procurement process.
  • Initial system designs and construction requirements
  • Integrated Planning, Logistics and Supply of components.
  • Reference checks on vendor performance, technology and financing
  • Pre-implementation walk through and risk assessment analysis.
  • Risk mitigation throughout entire installation process.
  • Complete Installation and commissioning of the system.
Scope of Services
Scope of Services

Project Monitoring & Maintenance

Operation and maintenance of the solar power plant is one of the most crucial factor for realization of project revenues. We aim to optimize our customer’s power plants to generate maximum amount of energy. Proper monitoring, maintenance, and performance optimization can drastically improve the long-term value of any solar project.

Scope of Services